[Enneas Saga] New Hero Update Carobell

15 May 2017

Greetings from Enneas Saga.
We are preparing a new update for Enneas Saga. In this update, we prepare a new hero and features!
Please check out below for details!

[ver 2.7.0 UPDATE]
1. Maintenance Schedule
- 05/17(WED) 01:00pm ~ 05:00pm (GMT+7)
2. Maintenance Details
- In order to update new contents
3. Maintenance Compensation
- 100 Diamonds, 100 Meat
(Compensation will be sent to your Mailbox after the maintenance ends.)
4. Notes
- Access to the game will not be available during the maintenance
- The maintenance schedule may change or end earlier than expected.

[Update Details]
■ New Contents
1. New Hero ‘Carobell’
※ Carobell who is a Fire/ Ranged/ Demon Hero will be added.

2. You can go up to 60 floor in the Black Tower.
※ New Floor has been added, now you can climb up to 60 floor in the Black Tower

3. Added the Magic pot combinations
※ The Mendrin’s attribute change and the Time Stone combinations will be added.

■ Improvements
1. Reduced the cost of Declaration of War
2000GP → 1000GP
2. Reduced the cost of Guild raid initialization
600 Diamonds → 300 Diamonds
3. Improved VIP mileage system
Reduced the amount of mileage required for VIP level up