[Shadow Blood] Claim your Rewards Now

05 Sep 2017

It has been a long wait for everyone and our adventure is about to start. Here's how you can get your prize on your hands!

Step 1

If you already participated in the Pre-Registration event, make sure that you already create character in the game. If you still dont participate please join the event first by click the image below

Step 2

You will need your character nickname to claimed the reward. So make sure you make you character ingame first before do confirmation

Step 3

Check the email that you use during Pre-Registration event, you will get the email from us and there is also confirmation link for Pre-Registration reward. Once you click the confirmation link, you will be prompt to input your character nickname. Please make sure you input the correct nickname with Uppercase letter also if your nickname contain Uppercase letter.

Step 4

The rewards will be automatically sent to your mail inbox in the game once the game is launching on 12nd September 2017

Please Note:
- If you didn't do the confirmation that you get through the email, you will not receive the rewards
- Incorrect character name will cause you will not get the reward. Please input the correct character name include Uppercase Letter also if you use Uppercase Letter in your character name

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