[Shadow Blood] Guardian - Update Ver 1.0.50

25 Oct 2017

Hello Heroes of Narr

Were preparing the new content update for you, in this update we added some new feature to make you adventure easier.

1. New Class Guardian

A Chief of Gatekeeper Michael, keeper of Arcand Temple has been added to the shadow blood new character. You can open this new character with using 500 Gem or for free (if you never create second character) Active Skill

Active Skill

Clash : Jumps toward the target, attacking nearby enemies, and swings down with the sword.
Assault : Pushes and moves forward to an enemy with the shield, damages the enemy and performs a spinning attack while standing still.
Shield Attack : Performs five consecutive attacks with a sword and a shield
Calling : Pulls the target near to attack, and then attacks nearby enemies with a warcry
Downward Strike : Summons a giant sword towards the target to attack
Shield Throw : Throws the shield towards an enemy. If it hits, the shield breaks and the splinters travel to many directions.

2. Parat Dungeon

The new dungeon will be added in the single dungeon feature. You can participate to this new Dungeon 2 times per day. This dungeon have many waves of monster that you need to defeat. More wave monster you defeat more reward you will get.

Also this new dungeon have new set that you can only get from the Parat Dungeon “Angelic Set

3. Parat Dungeon

We also increase the maximum level in shadow blood from 50 to 55. Now you can increase your strength and surpass your rival.

4. Added New Costume Option Change

This feature is allow you to make some change of your costum option, gem will be needed if you want to change some option in your costume to become more stronger

5. Added New Halloween Costume

Now you can collect all the Halloween Costume now the shop now. This Costume only sell when halloween time is come. So dont miss this chance to have a spooky costume for celebrate the Halloween party

6. Improve the Sweep Ticket System

Now we add Sweep Ticket System on the single Dungon (except Parat Dungeon), you can use the sweep ticket on Arcand’s Liar and Altar of Ordeals. So you can gain EXP and GOLD more faster.

7. Increase the Inventory Limit

We increase the inventory limit from 200 to 300 maximum bag slot. So you dont have to worry anymore about your limit inventory if you use Continous Play.

Bug Fix

- Fix the error that shows a wrong number of each equipment in bag will be fixed
- Error that shows POP UP when using “Striking Power and Defensive Power” in the Continuous Process will be fixed