[Enneas Saga] New Update : Guild Level 10 & Black Tower floor 88

07 Nov 2017

Greetings from Enneas Saga

We are preparing a new update for Enneas Saga. In this update, we prepare special update for you! Please check out below for details!

[UPDATE ver 3.0.0]

1. Maintenance Schedule
- 11/08 (Wed) 10:00am ~ 16:00pm (GMT+7)
2. Maintenance Details
- In order to update new contents
3. Maintenance Compensation
- 200 Diamonds, 200 Meat
(Compensation will be sent to your Mailbox after the maintenance ends.)
4. Notes
- Access to the game will not be available during the maintenance
-The maintenance schedule may change or end earlier than expected.

[Update Details]

■ New Contents

1. Add New Guild Level 10

• Upgrade Flame Pledge, Ice Pledge, Earth Pledge and Steel Pledge buff to level 4

• Upgrade Together Strong buff to level 3

2. Add floor in Black Tower Dungeon

• Black Tower floor Extended to 88th floor


3. Add new costume “Adel the Kingdom Flower”

4. Add new Mysterious Rune Chest in Magic Pot

5. Raphael : Change of Leader Skill as follows

• Attack of Divine & Ranged team members X 1.35

• Attack of Divine & Ranged team members X 1.6

• Divine & Ranged team members Attack increased X 2.3 + HP increased by 30%

6. Balance Carrobell Skill

• Skill Damage Enjoy it to the fullest, babies was decreased due to the balance issue.