[IRIS M]Happy 1st Anniversary IRIS M SEA

30 Nov 2018

Hello Astarian

Time already passed 1 year for Iris M SEA, and now iris M will celebrate the 1st Anniversary of iris M. Hurrayyy !!

So for celebrate our 1st anniversary we will give you a special event for all astarian

1. HOT TIME (24 hour)

- EXP up 150%

- Drop Rate 150%

- Enhance Rate 5%

Date : 30 Nov - 7 Dec 2018

You can enjoy 24 hour HOT TIME with 150% rate up until 7 December 2018,

so dont miss this event to increase your level maximum character

2. Coupon Code


Date : 30 Nov - 7 Dec 2018

Enter the 1st Anniversary coupon code to get the limited mount Black Jazz Cat.

For android user : click on the event menu select coupon code and enter the code

For iOS user : go to this website and select Redeem Code Put your Nickname and server to get the reward

3. Bonus Crystal 30% (24 hour)

Date : 30 Nov - 7 Dec 2018

Bonus 30% up for any topup with google play store, so dont miss your chance to get more crystal during this event

4. Daily Login gift special anniversary

day 1 = Gold 500.000

day 2 = Shiny Wing Feather x20

day 3 = Pet Ticket x5

day 4 = Elite Charm Reward Box x3

day 5 = Gold Dungeon Ticket x3

day 6 = EXP Potion (60 min) x5

day 7 = Shadow Token x5

day 8 = Level 80 Advanced equip x5

And last event for all player, login to get special item above each day. remember to keep login everyday to get the reward.

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